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Sunday, 20 May 2012


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Andrew Denny

Thanks, Peggy. 
So far no one's got angry with me on the post!   But I get so irritated with filling station flowers wrapped in plastic. It's partly the plastic, partly the cheap sentiment and lack of commitment.

I think it's charming that there's a tree or a hardy perennial or a bunch of snowdrops or something. I did like the fact that that particular family had made the effort to cut the grass, but I doubt they'll keep it up. 

Actually, if it happened to me, I wouldn't want to be remembered at the location where I died, but where I lived. 




I can see your point. I guess someone could start a campaign called "green shrines" focusing on non-plastic memorials! I've seen the Sawbridgeworth one (and others). My friend's 4 year old son drowned in the canal near Denham and there's now a miniature memorial garden and a bench with a plaque. As a more cheerful memorial; our family planted a climbing rose beside the towpath in Angel where our daughter was born! (She was born on a boat, not on the towpath).

Baz Juniper

Ha! Serves me right for relying on information sourced from NBW.

Andrew Denny

Thanks, Baz. While the 'smack on the head' at Falling Sands Lock is indeed an appropriate memorial, may I, on a point of pedantry, point out that the boy fell in at Stourport Narrow Lower Lock.

Baz Juniper

I see from Maffi's blog that BW have found a way to memorialise the lad who fell off his bike into Falling Sands lock by giving boaters a sharp smack on the head.

Welcome back, BTW - I thought I'd have to depend entirely on WW for your purple prose in future.


Pressured? Are you sure? Don't you mean "pressurised"?

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