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Thursday, 05 January 2012


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Andrew Denny

Ian, how lovely to have an Aunty Biscuits. Sweet!

Ian Clarke

Hi Andrew,

I always thought what a wonderfully weird name Granny Buttons was, until now, having read your explanation.

As a child, I had an Aunty Biscuits! She always brought out a huge biscuit tin whenever my brother and I visited, and we used to stuff ourselves something rotten. :-)

"Granny Buttons" doesn't seem weird at all now!

Love the blog. All the best,



Hello, fascinating blog and some very special tales. I have a collection of buttons 'just in case', the ritual of collecting them passed down the generations in my family. I would be very grateful if you could link to my narrowboat blog; The Kite Experiment. All the best with your travels! Amanda


My granny died last year, she love to sew her own skirt and blouses. Although she is not a collector of anything, her sewing machine is really love it.She won't like if someone wants to borrow it. This is precious for her.

What a nice and comprehensive answer to your query Andrew about NB Emerald. I can understand theft but to torch someone's home is just spite and the "punishment" is ludicrous. Good luck to Julie and David.

Val B


Lovely - typical quilter! And it gives me an idea for my own collection. What a pleasantly upbeat blog for the New Year! Happy New Year.....

julie woodhead

Hi Andrew, its Julie and David,from our beautiful home EMTOO. I wasn't at home when you passed us on Tuesday. It is astonishing to think we are still remembered nearly six years after the event that absolutely devastated us. As you know, Dave Pokhan and his friends and also our dear friends on our moorings came to our aid, and if it wasn't for them, we would never have got Em back and never be able to bring her back to as she is now. We will be forever in their debt.

I don't know if you heard or not, but the two `persons` responsible for the fire were brothers, the oldest had been out on bail and did this job while he was waiting to be sentenced, the younger brother denied all knowledge about the attack so the authorities let him go. The older brother admited to theft and as far as we are led to believe he `did a deal` that included 18 months and no arson, he was out of prison by nine months. Strange to think he was free and we were captives in a 15ft caravan with nothing not even a tooth brush. We have over the last five years been amazed at the amount of people who are strangers but have then become friends and we are very lucky to live in a community of caring, loyal, fearless neighbours of our choosing.

We never want to leave this life, we have been given a second chance and boy are we going to take it. We changed the name from Emerald to Emtoo, as the hull and back cabin were the original emerald so having a new front cabin meant it was Emtoo, sounds easy when I say it quick.

The paint was very weird, International Paints gave us the paint which we really appreciated, but every tin we opened was a different shade so the only thing we could do was mix them all together, hence the colour you see, it grew on us so there you are, purple. It just seems to suit her now. Sorry to go on and on but I can't help showing off our little bit of heaven. Thank you for remembering us and please take care wherever you go. xx

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