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Saturday, 31 December 2011


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Paul Savage (NB Adreva)

Well Andrew,
How did it go?
Was a bit surprised that you find going downhill easier than going uphill, Surely the water in the locks carries the boat therefore the only effort would be the walk up and down from the lock to the boat. I have always thought that either up or down the same enegy is expended but I have always had a crew, and have never solo cruised.

Paul Savage (NB Adreva)

Going to be tough Four Counties in a week, solo, and in winter - good luck Hope the locks are all in your favour - and you don't hit any stoppages.

By the way, Happy New Year


'Bout time too.

Andrew Denny

Cap'n Ahab: anti clockwise. That way I *descend* Heartbreak Hill!

Capt Ahab

Im looking forward to your account Andrew. Clockwise or Anti?
Capt A

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