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Monday, 14 November 2011


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Interesting thoughts. I feel the poppy is important as so much as it makes the young question what its for, thus keeping the memory of the terrible wars alive. Hopefully this will in some way help the young avoid the pitfalls of the past.

That is a smashing picture of your dad. A smart man indeed.


I absolutely agree with all that you say Andrew. I lost a brother in the army and choose not to wear a poppy at all, because, for me, every day is a day of remembrance. It’s almost as though the less we have to really grieve about the more we have to make to most of what we have. I call it the recreational grief industry.

Nick Corble

A touching and thoughtful piece Andrew, which as it happens also sums up my own feelings - why did I feel guilty when I went out on the 11th having left my poppy on my desk? I'd forgotten the symbol, but I did remember 'the fallen', I frequently do, especially those close to me, and not just in Oct/Nov!

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