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Monday, 14 November 2011


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David Haldane

A story told and told well.
I love the canals but so many of the blogs are just reports of journeys made.
Nice to find one that held my interest.


Alan Sawyer

His Golden Locks was set to music in Elizabethan times by John Dowland and is wonderfully sung by Emma Kirkby:

Andrew Denny

Patsy, I do hope it's clear that I'm not against the poppy or Remembrance Day, merely against the way a day of memorial is slowly becoming a whole darn season.

On the other hand, perhaps I should start gearing up for my birthday month next October!


Very "heady" stuff Mr. Denny. The last two posts present many levels of thought to ponder.

Coincidentally, I've just read The Sun Also Rises by "Papa" Hemingway which, much like Farewell to Arms, addresses the broad topic of "How should those who survive conduct their lives?"

My own father never shared much of his experience during WWII; he was always in the present and planning for the future. At the age of 96, he still is!

Many of my generation, veterans of the Viet Nam war, came back caught in the past, unable to move forward. There is no universal symbol of that conflict - how good it might be to have a Flanders Field poppy. The poppy that came back from Viet Nam was not a badge of courage in my mind - nothing to wear in the lapel.

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