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Sunday, 23 October 2011


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Narrowboat Wife

The book looks lovely, if you have the money it seems a great thing to do. It's always nicer to leaf through a book instead of stare at a computer screen. I saved the first year of my blog as a word document and wanted to print it with but have not managed to overcome a technical difficulty, something about embedding the font in a pdf?!

Val Blundell

I know that it is expensive but it is a really good idea as it is part of your life and something that you can treasure and will bring back memories in years to come. Remember that memories fade but photos and the written word last much longer.

Neil Corbett


Just to point out the power of "the Granny effect" my UK waterways ranking has shot from 34th to 19th!!! thanks to your piece. I'm sure it will settle back to normal very soon :-)


Anne and Oll

Was very pleased when we used this site to print up first part of Snail's blog last year. Will order the remainder this winter. It's great to have a tangible, well produced reminder.


I love reading the Herbie blog. Well worth the dosh I reckon.

Sandra & Barry

I had one printed of probably 3/4 of Northern Pride's first trip's blog in 2009 - we had too many photos on to do the two years, surprise surprise! But I was really impressed with the finished product, very well worth every NZ$. What I fialed to do, probably because of time constraints, and wish I had, was to edit the posts as many of the photo titles were out of synch.


I am just coming up to 2000 posts even it it was useful I couldn't afford to do it.

Neil Corbett

Aawh Andrew, now you're making me blush!


P.S. The cheque's in the post :-)

Capt Ahab

Its been a thought in my mind for ages but didn't realise it was a commercially available service. Mind you, Capt Ahab with its 4,500 images so far would need 3 or 4 books at the max size -and that's a lot of $'s

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