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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


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Andrew Denny

Patsy,  I like to say the English canals are 'ethnic', in the sense that they have a unique and distinctive culture.  Boats are readily available for hire all the year round, although the hire season only comes into its own from Easter to late September.  Best to hire (if you can) when school children aren't on holiday, as it will be a little quieter then.  

As to where to hire from, well perhaps the Midland narrow canals are a good start.  

Andrew Denny

Apologies, Dawn.  Yes, it's not technically a 'workboat' (I don't know why I called it that). 
It *is* old, though!  I saw it was Darley when I arrived, but after a night of wandering I forgot, saw it adjacent to Malus, and assumed it was Atlas.

Martin Clark

Keep waggling, Andrew - I love your night photos!

Dawn Edge

I think you will find the "old BW workboat" Is infact Darley not Atlas.
(Blossom & Dawn owners of Darley)


I'm fascinated with British Waterways canal system and the people who boat there. It seems so unique to me. What's the best time to go, assuming there are rentals available?

The photos in this post are great.

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