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Monday, 22 August 2011


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Kevin Moore

Just because you had a boat built by Braidbar doesn't mean that they are the best builder's on the cut, nor does it qualify you to pass verdict on other boat builder's. I have been around boat's/ships for most of my life and know craftsmanship when I see it. We and several other purchaser's of BH boats have had excellent boats built and whilst we feel for the Jones's, a couple of bad boats doesn't mean a cowboy builder.

Narrowboat Wife

I'm glad the fella was convicted but is there no way for Tom to recoup his losses?


Also more info on the various 'victims' here -

Andrew Denny

Bruce, who are the other dissatisfied customers then?  I think that if they don't go public, then they are satisfied customers. 

Bruce Napier

I know of at least two other highly dissatisfied customers of BHN, so either the quality of his work is amazingly variable, or there are some easily pleased folk out there!



Ian Smith

Good blog, can you get it into WW so the wider audience can see what this pirate has done, i did see it mentioned in CB and WW but it needs expanding on.


On the pedantic side, "tyranny of distance" is a quote - from both a Split Enz song & a Geoffrey Blainey book -

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