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Thursday, 18 August 2011


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It makes you wonder about his mental state. If he returned back to his boat and saw the BW notice. Was that enough to tip him over the edge. Lots of things to speculate about. I guess we will never know.




Damn BW are getting tough with overstayers!


Odd too I think is his clothes are not tattered, neither is the canvas and bimini top yet the boats exterior is wanting. My mind wonders to witness protection!


The thing to remember about these types of organizations, they have to follow spicific steps, no matter how ignorant they appear, before they can take action to remove abandoned vessels etc..

I'm saddened by the death of this man. Judging by his smile, he looks like a man who enjoyed an outdoor lifestyle. So sad to see a life end before it's time.

sazzy d

very sad whatever it is...


Bit creepy really.

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