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Monday, 18 July 2011


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Look here Denny. Can you please post something else. Every lunchtime I look at you blog whist eating my lunch, and I'm fedup with being put off by the site of dog poo. My wife is getting suspicious with me taking my partialy eaten lunch back every day and the excuse of seeing at Granny's Dog Poo is wearing thin.

It also brings back vivid memories of spending 3 unhappy hours cleaning the carpet of a hire boat after treading on a "land mine" and trailing it along the entire length of the boat.


Hi Andrew - Having spent a week being greeted on arrival at Granny with your close up photo of one of the features of Horninglow Basin they'll be forever associated in my mind. Any chance of something more appropriate to enjoy with my Cornflakes? Enjoy the Festival.

Narrowboat Wife

Oh for goodness sake, haven't they got better things to be offended by than your honest opinion of the mooring? !!!


Hi Andrew...

mmm "Salubrious", could it be the name of their boat.



You'll get him started again!


As has been said on the internet for many a year:

anonymity + audience = idiot

Mike from Garnet

Good for you, Andrew. Somtimes this needs to be said to prevent us all decending into the slough of dubious waste materials!

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