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Monday, 04 April 2011


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Mike M

Thank you for posting this link, grist for the "should we do this" mill. As a small business owner I have kept accurate records of expenses for many years, and yes, it is scarey at times!

Paul Savage (NB Adreva)

Once spent, quickly forgotten. Can't get it back so don't worry about it - and no I am not filthy rich.


If it is more expensive than an ex wife, what about an ex husband?

Or an ex ample of s ex ism?

Baz Juniper

I do keep a record of sorts, by noting any expenditure in the log [handwritten, in the old style, and functionally illegible to most folk] and putting an asterisk in the margin so I can easily find the info later. Biggies like mooring fees, insurance and licence have invoices in the scruffy 'boat' file at home. I filled in John's survey and discovered that, for the per-day cost of cruising last year, we could've had the equivalent number of nights in 5* hotels with something left over for air/train fares. That would also have avoided the grubby hours spent refurbishing pipework and fettling the engine. And yet we have no intention of giving up boating - in fact we hope to do a lot more [which should at least reduce the unit cost per day]. There is nothing logical about being a boater. Which is presumably why most of us do it.

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