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Saturday, 02 April 2011


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Dave Edwards

Sorry Andrew, no fisrt edition. The Hoskins family stayed with my grandparents during the war, and I get the impression they outstayed their welcome - in fact my father's words about it are best left unprinted.... mustn't speak ill of the dead, etc.

Dave - NB Sophie-Jane No.2



My response was to track down a copy of Hoskins’ book, which arrived today, wrapped up in that unique second-hand bookseller way. I shared the opening of the parcel with our college librarian because of his love of such things. It transpired that when training, he had the task of cataloguing masses of material in the Marc Fitch library at the Department of English Local History at Leicester University, the department that Hoskins established. The library had been the beneficiary of Hoskins’ personal library, and in the cataloguing process many of his personal documents came to light and found their way into the archive. So my librarian friend, who himself loves walking, was delighted with my acquisition – says it’s in better condition than his own. I look forward to reading it and keeping it on Erin Mae for reference.


Andrew Denny

Thanks, Murray! 


Thanks Andrew for the link to Mr Raban's article. After our years of expounding the English canals to our friends, I think we have finally found some who want to do it! They have all on their own been going online and investigating boats, routes and ordering brochures. We had them over a few weeks ago and along with wine, subjected them to a few hours of our photos and stories (your name was mentioned). I want to pass along Mr. Raban's as it nicely sums up and re-enforces our promises on the canal experience. All except for the weather.


15 - 25 miles an hour!

Andrew Denny

Yes, WIDITH is 'What I Did In The Holidays'.  It's the essay my English teacher made us write when we returned to school each term. 

And a WIDITH is an article travel journalists write for the newspaper, when they come back from a holiday trip, which is supposed to justify that trip.  

Andy Mackenzie, NZ

Well done again, Andrew. I've just ordered the Hoskins.

Andy Mackenzie, NZ

Passage to Juneau is also a top read.

I take WIDITH to mean What I Did In The Holidays...?

Andrew Denny

Dave, thanks, I'm duly impressed.  So, can you get me a copy of the first edition?

Dave Edwards

Hi Andrew - I can't let this pass without telling you my tenuous claim to fame. W.G. Hoskins was my Dad's cousin....
Dave - NB Sophie-Jane No.2

Andrew Denny

SK53onOSM, sorry, I meant not written much about English waterways. I'll clarify in the post. 


Carol, Original definition of 'Widith' is here> - I've updated the post to make this clear.

It's my own word - type 'widith' into the GB search box to see other occasions I've used it.


Not written much about waterways! You need to read "Old Glory" where he travels the length of the Mississippi from the Twin Cities to the sea. Here on amazon


Hi Andrew - I've tried looking up 'widith' on line but ... it refers me back to Granny Buttons! Explanation of word please if you will?

Many thanks
Carol - NB Rock n Roll

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