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Friday, 11 February 2011


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You really don`t need to explain regarding the lack of facilities at Horninglow, marinas are different and I am sure we are all glad they are. Mercia has had an investment of over 7m and consequently the facilities are salubrious and also salubriously expensive and Horninglow is less so. I am sure without a 7m investment Horninglow has its own character and appeal.


I still find it hard to believe that you've ended up in the place of my childhood!

Andrew Denny

In reply to 'Arightpest':

1:  On reflection, yes, perhaps the phrase 'less salubrious suroundings' wasn't as diplomatic or charming as was intended. Sorry. 

However, the big, grey slab wall of the A38 looming above, the roar of its traffic and consequent fumes, the mud and miasma of the undredged water, the lack of features such as a laundry, shower room or car park with electric gates, etc. means that it is fair to say that the surroundings of this basin are less salubrious than the 'country-club' atmosphere of Mercia Marina. I'm not having a go at the people here, I'm sorry if you thought I was.

But that's not to say that I actually cared about the fancy features. I often told the marina staff I'd become too used to their comfort and security. 'Emotionally fat' is an expression I used.

Whenever I told other boaters of my plan to move here, a frequent response was negative.  I had to defend it - I'd reply "Well, I'm happy, I think it'll do me fine."

2:  This blog post was actually written before the event you mention, so I could hardly 'forget' to mention it. I haven't yet mastered time travel!

In fact, I was planning to mention it later in a completely new post, but I guess you brought it up first.  I'd happily give you an answer face to face on the 'illegal night mooring' issue if you care to identify yourself.  But  you are free to stay anonymous and comment here.

4: You can search all you want on my blog, I've never complained about boats 'blocking water points'.  

If anyone is on a temporary holding point (water, lock landing etc), I simply knock on the door or window and ask them politely when they'll be finished. It's really not a big deal. The 'crime' is not so much being there, but not being around to move immediately when requested.

5: For several years I've paid my boat licence it by direct debit and it's been automatically renewed.  I had a lot of mail go astray when I moved onto my boat, and never received the licence, and frankly it didn't occur to me until mid-January that I hadn't received it, partly because I'd be stuck in the marina in ice for so long.  

Before leaving Mercia I did realised I'd not received it, and phoned up and found that the direct debit had been stopped (I have no idea why; I don't recall cancelling it - it might have been something to do with my moving house from Norfolk a year or so ago).  I finally sorted it out (and reinstated the direct debit) before leaving Mercia, but it'll take a week or two to get the new licence.  

6:  I don't understand your last point, sorry. I think you might have made a mistake typing it.  I'll edit it for you if you want.


Cor! Hardly any posts for weeks, and then three come along at once! It's Granny Bussons!

Elly and Mick .

Great photo of your geese escort. Were they there to protect you or to warn of your arrival?
I enjoy reading your blog!

Bob Hallam

Welcome out! Geese I reckon is a gaggle on the ground (or water) and a skein when flying.


ahhhh, the warm glow that is a Buttons blog. All is right with the world.

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