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Friday, 11 February 2011


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In the shots with the 2 colonials, check out the amount, speed and (sometimes) size of the traffic driving over the bridge in the background - the bridge must have been a lot stronger than it looks!

Johnny Essex

The derelict property shown from 9mins40 has been for sale in the last month or so, with a very hefty price. Sorry - not sure where it is, as I don't get to see the K&A much.


Anne/Oll, sadly you can't view it outside the UK due to TV licence reasons.

anne 'n oll

Won't let us watch it outside the UK. Thought we were in the EU..

Baz Juniper

Many thanks, Andrew. Fascinating. Now I know who to be grateful to when we chug up and down the K&A [although it's a pity many of the talking heads are anonymous].

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