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Thursday, 18 November 2010


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I was honoured to work on Andys pics. Hes a great photographer.

To Halfie, if you have ever spent any time in a darkroom, all i did with a computer is similar to what would happen in the exposure and printing process. Unles you develope your films at boots, almost evey photo you have seen for about 100 years is manipulated in some way hon.

Anna x

Jaqueline Almdale

Your photo recalls a time when I was up and on the road at 5 a.m., driving my sixteen year old daughter to school for driver's education classes. Neither of us being morning people, we sat quietly in the car, our travel mugs steaming with hot tea.
As the sun crested the low hills in its golden morning glory, Jesse noticed a herd of cows standing in a large circle in the middle of pasture. "Look Ma, the cows are doing ritual!"
I still smile with the memory of those cows standing in a perfect circle in the morning sun and my daughter's amusing take on the scene, every time I have occasion to drive past those fields.
While photo shopping pics can clean them up, change the tone and atmosphere, and deliver a tweaked perspective, my favorites are usually your photos au natural.
Like so many of your fellow boaters you've developed a fine eye for photographic composition. Thank you for sharing your outlook on the world.
Warm regards,
Jaqueline USA

Capt Ahab

Thats really not amoosing!


Too late, Cap'n. I'd already spotted the "c" word! (It's only the fifth photo down I have a beef with (sorry).)

Capt Ahab

Shh.... dont tell Hafie about the edits!

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