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Friday, 10 September 2010


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I suppose it's like anything in life, it wouldn't do if we were all the same and some people will sue at the drop of a hat - but there is a law of Karma and their vindictiveness will come back to haunt them ,incredible!

We've heard of other boats who won't share locks with other boats - why else but in case their precious vessel gets a little scartch - in times of water shortage we shoudl be able to report them to BW - shame on them!

If only everyone had Barry's relaxed "she'll be right" attitude about life in genereal, the world would be a far happier place.

Rant over!


I dont normally read the ramblings of bloggers (including my wifes contribution to blogosphere). However,someone mentioned the photies of Caxton so I had a look.
It seems that whatever you do someone will pass judgement based on how they live their lives:
1. we have a shiny boat therefore we must be rich snobs who only go out of the marina on sunny days and dont go near other boats or foliage.
2. we are continuous cruisers therefore we should pay more for our licence.
3. we move the boat even if there is an inch or two of ice on the cut therefore we must be taking off all the blacking (not sure how this fits in with 1. above).
4. I dont think that poor helmanship should be excused as "boating is a contact sport".

We have met many interesting people on our journeys with/without polished boats and luckily seem to have missed most of the "critics".

Rant over Joe NB Caxton (waiting for the rain to stop so I can do a bit of polishing)

Andrew Wright

If you think narrowboating is a contact sport you may need to think again. We share a boat and one of the other owners bumped a boat in Rugeley. You can't go fast in Rugeley. There's too many people moored and the water isn't deep but the agrieved still managed to come up with an insurance claim for £6K

Paul Savage (NB Adreva)

Hasn't narrowboating always been a contact sport?

Capt A

I have come to realise that I could never own a shiny shiny boat because the first scratch would break my heart. I made a vow when I bought WB not to be precious about it - and when it gets another scratch I just shrug and pull out the can of paint. Maybe I am a bit too laid back and unconcerned about the odd knock or two - the slightly cavalier approach it engenders scares the hell out of the shiny shiny brigade!
Anyway, when you have got lots of little scratches they merge and you can call it a "patina".
Capt A

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