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Wednesday, 08 September 2010


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Andrew Denny

If memory serves, it took about three minutes. Though it was 5 years ago and it's the only time I've seen it done, so forgive me if memory plays tricks. 


how long did it take them to drill through the nut and shaft? I have to do the same on my boat! Ta, Paul


And what is the correct torque for a nut of this size?

Andrew Denny

In fairness to my beloved Streethay Wharf, I recall they were only doing that because it was a little hard to screw it on by hand, and they hadn't quite got to the 'high-torque' stage. 

Max sinclair

All the Engineers watching this will be unhappy to see an adjustable spanner being used, risk of rounding nut edges.Ring spanner or fixed jaw more positive.

Andrew Denny


Duly corrected, sorry!


An excellent photographic record of the whole operation, Andrew.

A couple of corrections on the bit where you refer to me: Willow isn't my boat but a friend's; and the replacement propeller is what I found with my feet and which was refitted - the boat is now on 'only' its second prop.

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