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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


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Mike Christian

Had a real good laugh at the Billy goat story by Mike :-)


Alan a friend of mine had his own fabrication business. They kept a large Billy Goat on site, who's job was to keep the grass and other herbage round the car park in check. One day a sales representative calls in to try and sell his wares. Alan suggests to the sales representative that he might want to move his car as it was close to where the goats shed was. The sales representative declined and followed Alan into the workshop. However, on his return he found that his car was quite extensively damaged. The old Billy goat on seeing his own reflection in the door panels had tried to head butt the interloper.
Another charming trick the old Billy used to do was to eat cigarette ends that were still lit. He was known to be an excellent guard dog and the local police when things were a bit quiet would have a bit of fun with new recruits by getting them to enter the workshop yard of an evening without telling them about Billy.


Mike Christian

That sign has to be Kidding!


LOVE IT! The look on the Goats face is fantastic!

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