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Friday, 04 June 2010


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Will get this DVD. Can't remember the series at all for some reason !

While on the subject of boat related TV does anyone recall seeing a TV series about a guy in Ireland taking a really old cruiser (clinker built I think) across Irelands rivers encountering all sorts of mechanical issues. I think it was on around lunchtime perhaps on Channel 4 or BBC2. I would love track this one down if anyone can recall the details?
Many thanks in anticipation


(remember this post? such is the power of google...)
Thank you so much for posting this review and interview!
My narrow-boating obsessed husband loved this series in the 80s. I even found a photo I took on our honeymoon (1993!), crossing Chirk aqueduct, that is uncannily like the photo you've posted from the DVD cover.

So we've been revelling in the DVDs. It is fab on so many levels.

My obsession is "The Professionals" (for which Roger Marshall wrote 3 of the later episodes) so I'm busy actor and plot spotting while the OH is boat and location spotting. And that Leigh Lawson - wow! Bodie and Doyle rolled into one.

But it is a great shame about the videotape and the sound - the production values make "The Professionals" look like high art.

(PS our boat is The Vented Spleen, moored at Market Drayton, but I can't claim the cred of living afloat!)

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