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Friday, 18 June 2010


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Andrew Hinds

I took my Nikon 17 - 55mm lens to them about three weeks ago and they informed me that it would have to go to Nikon for repair and this has more than tripled the cost from their original estimate. I tried to ring them on Saturday morning but after two and a half minutes I hung up as no one can be bothered to answer the phone. If they don't get back to me by next week, I'm going to send any further repairs to Fixation as I think their service is slow.

Bad experiance

Had very bad experience to with these, going to use fixation from now on.

Disappointed on this occasion

Well sadly i have had a terrible experience with H Lehmann despite them being Canons 'official' repair centre.

I sent a lense for repair there and they stated that there was nothing wrong with the lens. I contacted Canon Customer Service who escalated the issue and found that i needed 2 (yes TWO) replacement parts.

So sadly i cannot join in the praise for this centre despite how friendly or 'nice' they may be. Their expertise, in my opinion has left alot to be desired.


No, that's it. I didn't notice the missing "I" immediately.

Andrew Denny

Well, only the fact that the van is a foot shorter than it ought to be, and belongs to 'Atlas Wndows'. Anything else?


Google Streetview has done a very strange thing to the Atlas Windows van parked on the bridge. At first I noticed only the wheels, but then I spotted something else. Can you see it?

Andrew Denny

My chum Paul Hooper, of Atlas Windows, Stoke on Trent ( says:

"Lehmann is across the road from us at Atlas Windows. We are in Corporation Street (see us on Google Street View)

We fitted some doors there a couple of years ago and were amazed how busy they are - they must have 25 people working there behind the scenes. They onced fixed a video camera for me, and I, like you, was impressed.

Now as you say, a canal link:

Our building on Corporation Street is next to what was the old Newcastle branch of the Trent and Mersey, and just to prove it, the bridge complete with ironwork is still there and can be seen on Google Street View - see

At one time the building used to be some sort of wharf and would unload from the canal at the side."

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