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Monday, 17 May 2010


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jo gilbertson

harrumph!...well I like poppies in fields of swaying wheat or barley ( red ) and around my way flax ( pale blue) looks quite nice,- as does masses of borage in mid summer. I just think the pantone for rape flower is too harsh and needs softening ...and of course to us 'super-beings' we find that its inherent smell of napalm overpowering ;-)

Andrew Denny

Jo, Do you mean 'vote for blue fields rather than yellow'? :-)

Jo Gilbertson

nope thats how unnatural and azo dye like the colour really is - vote for change now!

Sven Latham

We demand to see the originals! Were they really so yellow when you took the photo or is all this some kind of post-processing trickery?

Clive Field

Andrew.... get out the nasal spray! It has a strong uric acid pong! Roll on harvest time!

Andrew Denny

Jo, Gosh, I never realised it had a smell.  I can't smell anything from it.  Although I can smell the sickly sweet smell of hawthorn very well.

The brilliance - well, it's only for about 3 weeks, and I rather like it.

Jo Gilbertson

Don't get me wrong but I hate the sight and smell of rapeseed - and often wonder if rape could become a classic example of why GM might be a good idea?-

By engineering it have a less lurid colour more suitable for our landscape? (maybe a paler pastel yellow); and engineer that overpowering chemical scent out of it - in favour of something more subtle and gently floral?...

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