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Sunday, 23 May 2010


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Tracey Mills

Hi My name is Tracey Mills, I have a facebook page devoted to Travelling Man feel free to post or comment on it.



The second post was a few days after the first - link here:


I can't seem to find the interview with Leigh Lawson you said you'd post?
Would you mind putting it up as I'm sure all the other Travelling man enthusiasts would like to read it.

Anne-Karin Baggerud

Thank you for writing about Travelling Man! I have never forgotten Lomax. Travelling Man is the reason why I have come to England for canal boat holidays for many years. Anne-Karin, Norway

Andrew Denny

Tony Blews, I only JUST got your Harecastle and McCormick, sorry! Took me 24 hrs, but at least I got there in the end.

Yes, I think we're all agreed, a good TV drama series set on the canal is LONG OVERDUE.

Tony Blews

For fans of 80s American cop shows, there was Harecastle and McCormick (only joking).

Andrew Denny

Steve, I never understood why people worry about geographical bloopers. For example, I wouldn't worry if the boat went from Preston Brook to Anderton in a day via the Peak Forest Canal. There's enough suspending of disbelief already in drama series.

After all, Lomax doesn't exist anyway, why not assume that it's just a parallel universe.


So its finally made it out on to DVD. Yes the plot is a bit ludicrous and there are some huge geographical bloopers (but that's not unusual) but its all very enjoyable and has some rather poignant moments in it too. The soundtrack was available on CD too but I'm not sure if it still is unless you get it as an import (and its primary composer Duncan Browne died a few years ago now at a rather young age)

Paul Savage (NB Adreva)

Hi Andy,
I wanted to send this link before, but as it has a picture of Harmony at Agden, now seems to be a good time. It is written by Cyril Wood, who is an author in his own right. He is a photographer and an anorak (same as me). This is a detailed Ebook, about his life canal cruising over the last 50+ years. Enjoy,


I well remember Travelling Man, and also remember the taxi graffiti being painted on Chirk tunnel in the late 1970s, I have just checked on one of my photos from the time

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