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Monday, 17 May 2010


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I set up moderation on my blog after a spate of unwelcome spam. No problems since, as far as I'm aware.


We don't allow anonymous comments ever since we had some really nasty ones that actually upset me, but anyone can comment as long as they leave some sort of alias. We do get some spam, the worst being a series of posts in Chinese on more than 50 blog posts before I apprehended them and locked down the blog. I lifted the lock after a few hours and the attack didn't continue.


Mine is just set so I have to manualy accept it before publication. I have had over half a dozen Chinese ones.


I've got two blogger blogs with no verification for the comments. Apart from 1 message in chinese, which incidentally appeared on both within days of each other despite there being no way of them being connected, I've had no problems. Now I've said that though!! I assume it was spam anyway, cos I can't read chinese!


My blog is on Blogspot. Anyone can comment freely: no word verification or approval needed. The only spam I've had I've eaten.


I turned my verification on because I was getting spam comments for a certain love drug. If you're not getting them perhaps they think you don't need it!!

Bruce Napier

I had a little burst of spam a while back, so turned the captcha word verification on on both blogs. I've just turned them off again; I'll let you know how I get on.



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