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Friday, 23 April 2010


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Perhaps I can answer the original question, albeit a little late. The Canaltime fleet was in two different ownerships and in 2008 ABC Leisure Group took over the management of one of the fleets, the other half remained with the original management. As part of that agreement the fleet under ABC management would change name to differentiate it. ABC have been busy refurbishing and replacing boats as the funds become available. As one of the largest operators on the canal system ABC are also able to offer the members a wide choice of locations without paying any exchange fees. I hope this answers the question.

suzie conroy


Wondered if you could advise?

We are thinking of buying a timeshare week with Canal Boat Club.

Googled it and up you came.

Many thanks
Suzie & Robbie

Andrew Denny

Actually, in the wake of the Ownerships worries it is actually quite a big deal. I spoke to CBC's boss Edward Helps yesterday, and learned a fair bit more, which I hope to write about shortly.

Sam - JC

I don't think this is much to shout about.
Their boats have been in various liveries for a while.. Tillerman being a big one and also another canal holiday name.. but canaltime are still about too!

I think it's all the bad press and after going on one of their boats for a holiday, I can see why!


Are you aware that the "C" in canaltime is silent when spoken ?? !!!!! Perhaps thats why they have changed the name ??

Andrew Denny

Oh no, sorry about the 'Captcha', Halfie, it's snuck back on without my permission. Curse my blog provider!

Sent from my iPhone


Ooh, what's this? "Captcha" verification? After all you've written about the needlessness of it?


Andrew, your links to the two FAQ pages are the same.

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