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Monday, 19 April 2010


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Andrew Denny


Perhaps you sense a series of articles coming on.

Actually, what's really coming on is turning Granny Buttons into a media empire!


Do I sense a book coming on?

Chris Nickolaus

Last year I took my girlfriend on a pilgrimmage to Stanley Pontlarge to see Rolt's grave. He might have approved that we went in a convertible, but might well have disapproved that the car was made in Japan. We've both found Rolt's writings captivating- if you only know of his canal writings, many of the other books are to be recommended- e.g. Aeronauts, Horseless Carriage, his Landscape Trilogy, Making of a Railway... the list goes on. (I can't recall one that wasn't worth reading).

The man was a marvel, and as we stood in the setting sun in the churchyard where he's buried, I was saddened to consider that books such as these (which have stood the test of time) would probably struggle to find a publisher now.

You're very lucky to have met Sonia- I wondered if we caught a glimpse of her walking a dog.


Its a wonderful thing to witness someone involved with something that facinates them so much. Alas i have never found such a hobby. Enjoy Albion!


Fascinating stuff and far more romantic than all our blogs and tweets of today. I wonder what tomorrow's generation of historians will look for research. All they'll have is the final words on the web with none of the blots, crossings out and margin notes.
I'm seriously tempted to go back to a written log of our trips to have something material to handle in my dotage.

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