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Friday, 23 April 2010


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Andrew Denny

Well, concentrating is one thing, but when they have acknowledged your existence by raising their pole but refuse to look at you, and still scowl, it's hard to say thank you.

They don't all do that, of course, but I'm constantly left feeling that I'm an interloper on a fishing lake.


I've rarely had any trouble with anglers myself. They're usually pretty friendly, although a lot honestly don't realise that the signs by the operation moorings apply to them until you point it out. There is only one in particular I can think of who was incredibly rude, and that was over a year ago.

Neil Corbett

I need to intervene here, being a boater and an angler! Perhaps the reason they don't smile is because they are trying to concentrate on what they are doing.

Live and let live. How cheerful are you to an angler who gets in the way when you are trying to disembark?

Personaly I generally chat to anglers as we pass in the boat and, given the right questions, they generally reply cheerfully. I also thank them for raising their poles as we pass.

However I don't like the way their poles (I don't use them) bar the towpath. By the way a £500 pole would be a relatively cheap one, they can go up to £3000!!

Where I fish, a small club lake, anglers are very sociable and we spend a fair bit of the day chatting. Most, like me, are retired and it sometimes feels a bit like last of the summer wine!

Bill Rodgers

As I continue to read about anglers or fishermen as we call them in the states, I wonder when the two species separated on the tree of life. Both species can be described as unshaven, but, here they tend to stay out of the way and will always give you a wave if you're in a boat. (Probably since they wish they had a boat.) Also, if you want nearly endless conversation, ask them about their catch, their bait, their equipment, the tides (ocean), the flow (river), etc. and the conversation will be endless. Of course, we lack the canal system that boaters and anglers both feel territorial over. It's too bad anglers over there don't understand that if there weren't boaters, the canals would probably be unfishable. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact you use maggots for bait and we use earthworms? (I actually think using fly larvae is smarter than killing a creature that enhances the soil.)
Andrew, I always enjoy your blogs, they tend to evoke thought about things I don't usually think about.

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