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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


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If anyone wants to know, the holiday cottage is fully booked until June. (Jan tried to book it, unaware of this post, for a few days at the end of this month.)

While I have your attention, does anybody know of a canalside holiday cottage or B&B in the midlands/north which might be available at the end of March? Or even a boat for boatsitting? We are two reasonably well-behaved people!


If I win the lottery this weekend, it's mine!!


Don't forget there's a 5-bed house, a smaller holiday cottage and a training business too. It's quite a package - maybe it's not so much price as a lack of available finance at the moment that's preventing the sale.


Difficult to know how much the site is really worth, in business terms, without knowing how big a cut BW take annually.

Capt Ahab

What a lovely thought.

Valuing marina's is an interesting concept and I suspect that not enough are traded to estiblish a firm price.

Lets say 32 boats all paying £1000 pa = £32,000 less expenses so the income would be somewhere just above £20k pa.
How much would you need to invest to make £20k per annum - maybe £200k if interest rates are 10% or £400k if rates trend at 5%.

The other way to look at it is to connsider the cost of providing a marina berth which is, I think, about £8k each, making the site worth about £260k

Valuing investments like marina's is tricky and much depends on the demand for moorings and the prevailing rates paid on other investments.

Never mind the maths. Andrew is right - its a glorious dream!

Andrew Denny


Yes indeed, I should be buying it! Can you lend me a million?


If it was built as a 'Granny House'you should be buying it, Andrew.


Yes, I too spotted it -- but in the old fashioned way. There was a "for sale" board up!

Andrew Denny


Oh dear, then I do feel a twit.  I didn't know they had it for sale.  The price seems reasonable for a whole marina, especially in that location.  But maybe it's the recession.


It might be a rare for a property like this to come up for sale, but this one has been on the market a long time -- at least a year. This suggests to me that the price is too high.

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