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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


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Andrew Denny


Many thanks!  I might have seen it before, but if so then I'd forgotten.


Andrew Denny

John, yes, you are right, and I did have a couple of hours of fun looking for discontinuities like that. 

But I didn't mention it because in the end it's a fictional story, and I think that in a film they have a right to 'shuffle around' the locations. Not least because they have to get the outdoor shots where they can, weather permitting. Tom Rolt mentions in his autobiography the problems they had with the weather.  Even if they don't, it's fair to portray a 'parallel universe'. 

After all, the same goes for the actors.  They are not themselves the people they are portraying.  I mean, we don't look at a character onscreen and say "Oops!  They got that wrong!  That guy claims he is a jet-setting businessman with no girlfriend, but I happen to know he's Mel Gibson and is married wth seven children."


Excellent film - thanks for the information about it. Good old Amazon. In the final bit it looks like the boat exits the southern portal of the Blisworth tunnel and then comes UP the locks from the south - or have I got it wrong? Thanks again, Andrew.

Rick Muir

Andrew, if you haven't already, look at
to see "Sunny Valley" again being legged through Blisworth in 2005 as part of the tunnels bi-centenary

Andrew Denny

Steve, no one complained about it except me :-)
Seriously, there were a lot of typos and other errors, and really it was only half-written in the first version.


Its a great post and its interesting and quite why anyone would complain about it I don't know.

Andrew Denny

Thanks to Max, Johnny and others who've made kind comments. 

I've since corrected and updated this post considerable at lunchtime today.  Sorry to those who've already sacrificed time in reading it - it's turned out to be a moving target!


Max Sinclair

Excellent, informed ,viewing. The flash lock is on the Avon near Pershore where 'Flashes' survived into the 1950's. What chaos they would cause now.

Johnny Essex

"...excuse the length of this post, and the number of pictures...."
Excuse not accepted! This is a brilliant piece - very informative and tantalising! I have this film on my list of "wants" too.


And though the action covers all the seasons of the year, the kitten never gets any bigger! Must've been specially bred for life in a small back cabin.

Andrew Denny

'Rented' is of a piece with 'Painted', it sounds more alliterative. Or should that be 'rhymey'? That was my motive for using it, anyway.


Painted Boats was on my Christmas list, but it didn't materialise. (I got Rolt's "Landscape" autobiography instead.)

"Hired Boats", surely, not "Rented Boats"?

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