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Wednesday, 03 February 2010


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It's been done in Antwerp before. In 1993.

Paul Savage (NB Adreva)

Go offline, concentrate on getting better, then come back firing on all cylinders, I am sure your readers can wait a bit. BTW have you had any interesting dreams lately. I only ask as whenever I get a cold/infection, I look forward to the unusually vivid dreams/hallucinations that these give me (and no I don't do drugs)

Good luck and get better soon.


Oink Oink!! get well soon Button man!


Andrew Denny

Of course it's Man Flu!  It's deadly serious, don't make light of Man Flu to a man :-)


Aww... You sure it isn't Man Flu Andrew!.. I jest.. hope you are feeling better soon. We will be up GB's way next week, we were hoping you might be


iain smith

much nicer way to paint bollards,the should adopt it country wide.


Get better soon, Andrew. And, filler or not, keep blogging!

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