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Tuesday, 09 February 2010


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Paul Savage (nb Adreva)

Or, a very unfortunate, accident prone chap!!


The Enviromnent Agency seem to use every single ideogram possible at their moorings, even if they aren't relevant. Warning! Dangerous drop! (What, all of 12 inches?) I suppose they are covering themselves.

Also being a bit designer-geeky I like to examine the graphic. They very often reuse the image of the person in different warnings, so the poor chap falling off the dangerous drop is exactly the same graphic as the one tripping over the 'trip hazard' etc. That's designers for you.

Paul Savage (nb Adreva)

I know it is off topic, but Jaquelines' website suggestion was brilliant!!!, and thought provoking.

Bruce Napier


Quite agree about the bucket/elsan confusion; they've been using that since the 80s at least, and like you I still confuse them.

Is the mooring symbol an EU wide one?




I, too, find the rubbish/Elsan symbols confusing. What I don't like about the mooring sign is that it looks like the bollard is crossed out, in the way that a cigarette is crossed out to signify "no smoking". I always have to look for other clues to know whether or not mooring is allowed. Why not have a plain bollard - no rope - to signify mooring? Or even the word "Mooring"?

Jaqueline Almdale

Hello Andrew,
Thank you for the link to the online test--that was a bit of fun. The BW bridge and rushes motif is elegant in its simplicity. I love your idea of a photo competition--I hope you'll fly it by them. I'll trade you. Have you been to this site yet? I can picture the worlds deepest rubbish bin near some of the town tow paths. My favorite is the piano stairs. :)
I hope you are feeling better,
Pullman WA USA

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