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Friday, 12 February 2010


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The tractor and muck speader that damaged this bridge was a contractor working for severn trent, spreading processed sewage cake, the spreaders carry roughly 15 tons of cake + spreader + tractor. they really shouldnt have been using that bridge.
I know that after this incident they stopped using bridges such as this to access fields.


I bet the H&S bill was more than the actual job was worth. Probably took 'em two days to put up the sign.


Andrew Denny

1:30pm I've just updated this post, since David and Bruce commented on it. New photo, also linking to BBC and the Derby Evening Telegraph stories.

Bruce Napier

Nice post, Andrew. We'll make a journo of you yet!


Keep up the good work


David Owen-Roberts

As it appears to be a farm accomodation bridge, I wonder what would happen if BW just took the bridge down until they got agreement for the full rebuilding cost? Perhaps the farmer might encourage his insurance company to be a little more cooperative.

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