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Thursday, 28 January 2010


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I was the 17th person to get the then new Honours level Survival award.

that one involved jumping off the five metre board fully dressed (including socks and shoes), swimming 400m and duck-diving through hoop tunnels.

And, yes, making floats out of our clothes.

Andrew Denny

Thanks, Clive!  It's hard for  me to know sometimes what's interesting to others and what's not. 

It always surprises me to hear that people find my personal things of interest. Often I wax passionately about something more general and it doesn't stir other people. 


I have the Bronze and Silver awards...

Andrew Hoyle

Still got my blue book from 1969 cost 5 shilling. Got as far as Award of Merit and then found girls and mouth to mouth took on a hole new meaning. So I never got to distinction.


Clive Field

I love these little looks into your past life Andrew.

Rhod Gilbert, the gravel voiced Welsh stand up comedian, has put a piece into his latest routine re the swimming in pyjamas and rubber brick in the pool thing

Keep afloat Andrew!
Best Regards
Clive Field at Saul

iain smith

Is the Denny any relation BTW?

iain smith

is ASA American it uses the word Rookie on it's site.I have a similar badge,though it is i think only a bronze.interesting set of tasks jumping in in pajamas swimming a set distance. treading water for some time doing a surface dive of a certain distance.Then knot the PJs and inflate them with air to use as floats.Never went for the other grades as i was to buoyant for the dive bit.


So you too can swim 36 lenghts ducking through a hoop each time. And pick up a brink from the bottom of a swimming pool while wearing your pyjamas.
Pyjama parties had a different meaning back then!
From another Gold Award holder.

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