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Monday, 04 January 2010


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Andrew Denny

Thanks, Andrew, duly added to my boatroll. I never added Minnow's original website because it had no RSS feed.

Andrew Read

New Boat blog! Sarah on Chertsey has already blogged about it.


Oh god, I've just realised - this must be what a chertsey looks like!


As mentioned, Serpens is a Small Northwich butty built at Yarwoods, and breifly starred in The Bargee during the scene where they were waiting for orders at Bulls Bridge.

It was recently (in the past year or so) advertised for sale at Harral brokerage when it was paired with a modern but trad style boat. It's now been sold on twice. I last spotted the boat near Wheelock on the T&M.


It must be crochet cool week!

Can't add anything to Halfie's AMModels info.


I was thinking a young Maffi!


According to A.M.Models
Serpens ("Star class") is a small Northwich, iron composite built by Yarwoods, fleet no. 355, registered 3rd September 1935, paired with Sagitta. More information given reads thus: Appeared in the 1963 film "The Bargee". Shortened to 60' in 1990s but re-lengthened using original bits in 2000. Trip boat in London 5/91. fs4/00. 60ft


Griff Rhys Jones?


Harold from "Steptoe & Son" perhaps???

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