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Tuesday, 05 January 2010


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anne 'n olly

Brought back happy memories of living in Aldborough in the end of a row of terraced cottages known locally as 'lace curtain row'. This was because several years earlier, they were inhabited by some elderly ladies who apparently whiled away their days peeking surreptitiously out.

Capt Ahab

I fear that my views of the mill conversion have been misconstrued.

My view is that the mill, in its operating form, was utilitarial, all covered in asbestos:

"Aldborough Mill was a utilitarian building, enlarged to do a job with few concessions to beauty. It was therefore not an immediate candidate for conversion to housing, although this was finally achieved with some style, but little of the original was allowed to remain."

What has been retained is the old mill house, which is great. But there is little of the 1950's mill profile left.

One has to draw the line somewhere as to what is and isnt navigable!
The Captn

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