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Thursday, 17 December 2009


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Andrew Denny

Neil, I'm not in danger of becoming a word pedant; I'm already a complete, paid-up, card-carrying founder member of The Pedant's Circle. I was a pedant before anyone was sure what pedantry was, when people were stil arguing about its exact meaning!

I always say language only changes if you let it. I do let a lot of language change. But I fight against meaningless change or change that confuses. As I think it does here.

Neil Corbett

Andrew you're in danger of becoming a word pedant:-)

I am of the "language is organic" school and most people now take stakeholder to mean someone who has a stake in the service, whether providing or receiving.

On the main subject as I see it. I suspect that the third sector or whatever you call it might be a safer place to be than in the government funding domain. What little government money there is over the next few years will be targeted at (justifiably)higher priorities than waterways. BW will just suffer cut after cut if it stays where it is.

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