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Sunday, 13 December 2009


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Max Sinclair   Life President Canals Trust.

It has cost millions to open up the A449 at Hawford for the Droitwich Barge Canal to be restored when the bridge should have been built at the time of widening.Many of these closures were pure spite by the Highways lobby as mimimal cost was involved.

Andrew Denny

Thanks, Mick!

Believe it or not, I'd never heard of LAFs before!


Mick Brash.

Can I suggest that people write to the Leicestershire Local Access Forum to flag up this issue. Even perhaps someone from the Grantham Canal Restoration Society offering to make a presentation at their next meeting. LAFs have an advisory status, are obliged to be listened to by HA and ministers even, and their remit is recreational access to land, and as towpaths are long distance walks these qualify totally for their consideration. It will also be of interest to the LAFs of adjoining Counties too as the access relates to them also. So a co-ordinated effort directed to them may assist.
LAFs have their own websites, usually as part of county councils websites.
They are formed from volunteers, usually very experienced Right of Way practitioners, and others representing land owners, businesses, etc.
They are empowered under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 to advise, and fall under the cloak of Defra and Natural England.

Hope this helps someone locally to motivate more elbow power!.

Cheers. Mick Brash, Chair, Essex LAF.

Bob Currell

For those preferring to email, the address for Lord Adonis is

John Greenwood

The objectors scheme at Stragglethorpe was unfortunately rejected by the Inquiry inspector ( based partly on misleading statements by the HA). It would have included the Bridge 16 canal bridge (sensibly keeping the A46 at Ground level and taking the Stragglethorpe road over the top). Unfortunately Balfour Beatty and the HA seemed intent on sticking with their overscaled, overpriced scheme with extensive unnecessary cutting at Saxondale and a huge environmentally intrusive embankment at Stragglethorpe. Cropwell Bishop Parish Council continues to push for rewatering of this canal section and construction of bridge 16 as partial compensation for the 'Environmental debt' that Balfour Beatty now owe to our community for spoiling our landscape and environment.


I've written to the Minister of Transport and received a reply back from the Highways Agency. Boils down to the bridge location being outside the "scheme boundary" so its not covered by the protection legislation and not a justifiable expense.

Typical tunnel vision attitude, will cost a lot more to rectify later!!


I'm not an expert on these things but I thought that canal restoration routes were supposed to be protected during road planning and building. (e.g. the Lichfield and Hatherton aqueduct bridge over the M6 toll road. This seems a somewhat dodgy way of the Highways Agency circumventing this rule.

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