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Monday, 07 December 2009


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I cruised the Lanigolly Easter 2009 and don`t remember a green lift bridge.
Amazed that a council has not covered it with some sort of signage under health and safety regs.
Also if it fails do we call the council, i think not.

Andrew Denny

Dr Neil Clifton, who provided the older 1979 photo, kindly emailed to say:

"This is the correct bridge as recorded in my Field Book, and was taken on 10 April 1979.   It is not unlikely that the structure was replaced some time during the intervening 30 years."


I think all it needs is what looks like the horizontal wooden plank painting white. And the one (presumably) on the other side. Nothing too garish, please!

Andrew Denny

Martin, I've emailed the photographer to see if he's sure it's the same bridge. Or at least, the same location. I guess those bridges need replacing more frequently than brick bridges.

Max Sinclair

An ElfandSafety paint brush

Max Sinclair

A splash of white emulsion on the bridge would help.Any passing boater?

Andrew Denny

Sheila, the Tilstock/Brickwalls bridge is probably the council's responsibility because it carries an 'adopted' (official) road.

I suspect the other bridges are just accomodation bridges, so are BW's responsibility.

Martin Ward

The geograph page has 'year taken 1979'. It doesn't look like the same bridge to me. I'm also puzzled like Sheila.

Sheila Halsall

I am puzzled that Shropshire Council seems to have responsibility for this lift bridge. The rural Whitchurch lift bridges near the A41 are not painted green. I wonder if SC are responsible for them too. They are within their area. Is the local council responsible for all lift bridges or indeed road bridges over canals? Or does a council claim some and BW others. Pull the lift bridges out of the hat, sort of thing. I had thought BW did the repairs when agricultural vehicles damage small bridges. I wonder if anyone can clarify this. Sheila

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