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Thursday, 24 December 2009


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Ray Oakhill

I went through here solo in the summer and I would not fancy going in convoy, especially if I was the last boat. Even going solo, the fumes were quite horendous after another boat came through in the opposite direction. Good luck, if you are going to chance it. I'm sure all the jobsworths are in the office and not out getting their hands dirty!

Martin Clark

Andrew - it wouldn't have helped you phoning this morning, but the Waterscape site currently says:
"The last date for booking passage through the Harecastle tunnel for travel between Monday 28th December 2009 and Monday 4th January 2010 will be 5.00 pm on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 by phoning 01782 785703."

Alan Glass

Hi Andrew, a similar event happened to me when trying to use Frankton locks two summers ago. Trying to come onto the Llangollen canal all passages were booked 12 was the maximum, however the long standing lock keeper smuggled me through no questions asked....just go for it and get your hot toddies ready for thr tunnel men.


If I were you I would just turn up, I did last Monday, having previously booked Wednesday because of the Middlewich stoppage, and they let me through, no questions asked. A bigger problem for you may be the ice. It's pretty thick up here at the moment.


Same reason is preventing me from setting off Southbound on Zulu, as with the ice I couldn't make my booked slot through Harecastle last Monday, and uncertain about which day I am now likely to reach the tunnel, I am probably forced to take the Shroppie south instead rather than risk turning up on spec.

Not only is there no way to book a passage now, but there is also no way to cancel an existing booking despite the ice. Wouldn't a simple online form be so simple!

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