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Monday, 23 November 2009


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Some more information regarding the plans.
The boater’s facilities won’t be lost, there’s actually going to be more and at two different sites. This is very good news indeed. It can get very busy here, particularly during the summer. A new Elsan, water, rubbish and recycling facility is proposed at nearby Red Lion Bridge which will be open before the old one closes down. There is also a proposal for additional facilities at Startops.
The wonderful crane is being kept and refurbished. The wharf is being retained too although it’s going to be in a slightly different position.
BW staff currently working at Marsworth are going to be relocated to the Grade II listed Tringford pumping station which is going to be refurbished using funds from the redevelopment. 50% of any profits from the development will go to British Waterways will be reinvested in the care of the waterways. BW’s property portfolio currently pays for roughly half of all annual maintenance which is why it’s so important the property portfolio stays with BW and is not sold off by the government.
The housing bit is apparently sustainable and green and designed with a reduced carbon footprint. and traffic impact on the local roads has been minimised by keeping the housing density lower than the national policy guidance of a minimum of 30 dwellings per hectare
So all in all it’s not bad at all, in fact it sounds like good news. I’m sure we’ll all be very interested in the planning application as it progresses and more details become available.

Andrew Denny

Thanks, Wozie! Have used one your pics, and linked to you for the rest.


Thanks for highlighting this on your site.
We are moored at Marsworth and have been to take some photos of the site today.
If you wish you can poach the pictures as your site is more widely read than ours.
We are on your bloglist NB Oakfield.

Baz Juniper

The second application is for Conservation Area Consent - CAC for short - which is needed to authorise demolition of most types of structure in a conservation area. This comes under different legislation to the 1990 Town & Country Planning Act under which normal planning applications are made. So now you know....

Martin Clark

I expect the owners of any new houses built here will soon be complaining to BW about those nasty boats moored along the canal outside their windows. I expect BW will then put up No Mooring notices...

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