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Thursday, 26 November 2009


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Natalie 'Hot Nat' Barrass

Granny - it's official - narrowboats are hot.

Although there are a coupe of things to remember...

Natalie 'Hot Nat' Barrass

Well, well, well Granny Buttons! - I'm honoured to be mentioned on your site! I've dipped into your blog many a time when scanning the net for info on the waterways.

As for not thinking the waterways are hot (or cool) - i have to say i most certainly do! 3 years on since first setting foot aboard, i'm still afloat (even in winter). This year i was exploring the Thames, the Lee and the Grand Union and extolling the virtues of narrowboat adventures to all who would listen!

As for the tone of The Independent article - it was written way back when and they took some creative journalistic license in their portrayal of me. I don't remember making plans to buy in Australia...

Anyways - I haven't written anything specifically about the waterways but they do feature in my blog postings from time to time -

However - because you have drawn my attention to this deficit (in a most charming and flatterific way) i will rectify it immediately. Check back on this weekend...

Keep up the good work and i hope the cold weather isn't playing havoc with Granny's joints.

Martin Clark

If she wants to live somewhere really cool, perhaps she should try Greenland.

iain smith

woops missed the zero out i was in fact 20 LOL.

iain smith

liked that! i was 2 at the beginning of the 80s and over the hill by the end! looks more fun than i rember it being.

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