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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


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Army Surplus

Thanks for the great post on Granny buttons

Andrew Denny

Helen, it's not so much a 'riposte' as an agreement! Blogging's still alive as ever.

It's just that Twitter and Facebook have made it far easier for those who can't fit their pint-pot of opinion into a quart :-)

Helen Gazeley

Just thought you'd be interested in a "riposte" from the Guardian earlier this year.

Steve Parkin

Many thanks for you kind comments. As Sarah from Warrior says, this is the "endorsement to end all endorsements". I too will have to change my masthead.

Keep up the good work showing the rest of us how it should be done! What would canal blogging do without Granny?


Thank you for your kind endorsement. I have reproduced it on my dustjacket.


Nice Status Quo reference in your title! Thanks for your kind comments. Your own blog is, of course, the canal blogger's blog. Blogging "properly", with links and all, takes a lot of time. I'm trying (very trying).

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