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Saturday, 05 September 2009


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I hope they wont be wasting time in moving on from each one of the visitor moorings!


It'll be rent to buy - there's alot of that going on on the River Lee and I'm not sure how legal it is either....

Martin Clark

I hate "no time wasters" as well. I would never answer and ad that used that expression. It suggests that the seller is impatient and only concerned with getting the money and not in the people who might be interested.

I especially dislike "re-advertised due to time-wasters". If a seller finds that their time has been "wasted" by those who have been to look but then walked away it would suggest that the item has not been advertised clearly or truthfully enough or that the person's selling technique puts would-be buyers off.

Unless you price something very cheaply for a quick sale, you have to be prepared to waste a bit of time finding a buyer who wants to pay something like the price you want to sell for.


It still rankles, then! Come on, that's water under the (accommodation) bridge now. Hasn't GB been worth it, whatever you paid?

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