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Friday, 25 September 2009


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Capt Ahab

I wouldnt dream of issuing any orders! They just seem a distinct cut above the average.

Andrew Denny

Flingel, I agree, my editing could be better and the sky looks more anaemic after I've finished with it. I was trying to make the point that I think the shadows are too overpowering.


Although generally I would agree with getting more details in the blacks, in this case I much prefer Halfie's original picture as lightening the shadows also dilutes the blue of the sky (and it's reflection) and reduces the drama of the black against the other strong colours. It is those strong contrasts which pull me in to the original and whilst when lightened, it's still an attractive picture, it doesn't have the same impact IMHO.


Thanks, Andrew, you've found things in the photo I hadn't realised were there: the pool of light in the foreground (if that had attracted me it was entirely subconsciously) and the sunlight in the foliage on the left. It just shows what a bit of judicious tweaking can do.

iain smith

Northern pride shows promise,with a little practice he could be good,just joking they are good.A lot of rubbish is talked about photos, partly it is the reason people take a picture.often it is just a record of the people or things there.In this case it is just a matter of getting things in focus.then there is catching the event in which case speed and/or accuracy is needed.Then there is the more esoteric photo,a landscape a tree a rock formation or a flower,even a dilibratly half out of focus this final case i believe the question should be does it make your heart sing.I like pictures of trees and landscapes and are the subjects of some of my photos ,friends ask why have you taken a picture of a tree? the answer it brings me joy,braking any picture down destroys it,best not go there.

Andrew Denny

Ahem, is that an order or a warning? :-)

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Cept Ahab

For photos par excellence look no further then nb Northern Pride

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