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Tuesday, 18 August 2009


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Andrew Denny

Bones, I wish I'd known you wanted to come! I'd gladly have shared the
£400+ cost with you :-)

(£180 Nene licence, £30 insurance supplement, £150 pilotage, etc etc..)

mort bones

That looks GREAT!!! I wanna go....

Andrew Denny

Granny was fine - perhaps even better than on the river - but did have a
tendency to heel over in the wind - which was a moderate Force 3-4.
She also ran very hot, but then we were running the engine fast for several
hours at a stretch, in water that was quite warm and summery. Didn't
overheat into steam, thoug.

In short, it was all fine.


Ben Jameson

That photo really is quite something.

RouteBuddy Atlas ( does track logging and OS maps on iPhone, but I don't think that it can export tracks on maps directly for web use if that's what you're after. The authors do seem quite responsive to requests though so it might be worth contacting them. There are a number of other apps about for doing track logging but I don't think any of them use OS maps.

You could always go for the Navionics Marine Charts for iPhone if you're going to try any more coastal passages!


Well done Andrew, its one of those things that we've talked about but never had the nerve, or the time to do. That photo looks amazing.

Mintball always handles differently on deep open water like rivers, how did Granny B handle out in the open sea?

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