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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


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Andrew Denny

Thanks, Jerry. I've amended.

I was misled by the title of the Vinography blog, "Wine and food adventures in San Francisco and around the world." I didn't check where Linfield College was.

Jerry Coleman

Not to be picky, but she spoke at Linfield College, which is just outside of Portland, Oregon, several hundred miles north of San Francisco.

Andrew Denny

I guess my point was that I hope a sense of dedication and enthusiasm for the waterways is a key requirement of getting the job.

I might be wrong, but I took Jancis Robinson's "Exciting, no?" quote as sarcasm and it disappointed me. As I understand it, she just wanted to get a foot in the journalism door, which is fine in its way, but I'd like to think that (in years to come) the BW PR staff won't be as sarcastic about their jobs as she appeared to be last week.

Allan Richards

Looking at the "mock interviews" on Waterscape with Richard Fairhurst (Waterways World editor) and Tom Crossley (Narrowboatworld editor) it would seem that an ability to "cut and paste" is the main requirement for BW's budding press officers.

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