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Saturday, 04 July 2009


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As far as i understand it, painting the hull walls is an 'integral part of any dazzle scheme' on boats during WW1 and after to deter torpedo attacks, How many U boats are there on Birmingham's canals?!
Personally i though it was a great idea, i went on it with my two kids and had a great time. As for it being art, the people that made it are artists, and it was organised by Ikon Gallery so I guess it must be art!

David L

We have been seriously thinking about doing our 58' cruiser stern narrowboat in dazzle, but this version was so bad it was enough to nearly put us off. Looking at my notes for our paint job, I see they haven't made any attempt to do the hull walls - an integral part of any dazzle scheme. Also, thier dazzle geometry is overly simplisitic and repetative. I think that with much more effort and artistic skill a *much* better job could be done.

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