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Thursday, 28 May 2009


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Steve and Claire Williams

Andrew, thank you for taking the time to scan this and post it up. It really is a gem.


Thanks for this Andrew, it is very informative and a good historical source for newcomer like me.

Captain Ahab

Thanks for posting this item - splendid.

Jerry Coleman

My wife saw this article when it came out, and never forgot that it was something she wanted to do. In 1985 a friend mentioned that they had taken a trip on the canals, and that resulted in the first of our dozen + canal adventures. We have encouraged many friends to try the canals (so far at least ten families over the years), and I search out copies of that issue and give one to them after they take their first trips.

Jerry Coleman in Belmont, California


I have that very same 1974 copy of NG. American friends brought it with them when they were guests on our narrowboat in the early 80's. For some reason, nostalgia probably, we have kept it safe through our move onto a narrowboat for 5yrs and our subsequent move to a scottish island. I'm just a sentimental fool I guess :-)

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