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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


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Max Sinclair

It looks as if these bollards have been cut from unseasoned young oaks known as Blackpoles because tanneries used them to boil out Tannin, a big trade on the Droitwich Barge Canal
Fully grown oak pressure treated with preservative would have lasted for 50 years. The bit stuck in the ground should be fired to make a hard coat.
Capping the bollard would help, but better still chainsaw the whole lot off the narrow locks!

Bruce Napier

You beat us to it! Sheila took some pix of the cracks in bollards the other week but I hadn't got round to using them.

One hard winter and the ice will blow them apart, we reckon.

The imposed tight deadline for the H&S standards undoubtedly lead to some false economies.

Never mind, when that nice MR C is in No 10, he's going to name and shame quango execs who take home mega bonuses, isn't he?



PS We're just back on our nicely blacked boat too.

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