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Wednesday, 11 February 2009


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Debbi – I think you must have a problem with your internet access/browser. The search for boats page on Distinctive Charters is by no means blank, in fact they have added three new boats to their website in the past couple of weeks. I am a very satisfied Distinctive Charters customer, who spent two lovely weeks onboard a boat last year. Before booking I spoke with Mike Cullen and found him very helpful and informative. As a company, they have liaised with BW and various other bodies to ensure they meet the criteria/standards required. All their boats are also licenced for hire…………. It’s funny isn’t it, but you can renew a licence after 12 months – hmmmmmmmmm whatever next!


Isn't it interesting. When you try and access the home page and the search for boats pages they are now blank. Which strongly suggests that maybe they don't have the correct hire boat licences and this isn't as kosher as it looks. When you look on the BW website and read the terms and conditions you can only get a hire boat licence for a 12 month period! Hmmmmmm.

Max Sinclair

Square lids Rayburn, Round lids Aga. Owned one for fifty eight years, still enjoy it.

Dave Baynham

I never go just be a number or website, I try to go by recommendations as well.

You need to have a boat hirers licence and you also need public liabilities insurance.

Plus I would never hire or even lend out The Robber Button....she's far to special for that.


I thought you needed a special license to rent out your boat for charters. Surely if I owned a boat (Oh how I wished I did lottery willing!!) I couldn't just rent it out 2 weeks at a time, that surely would then require a hirers license along with hirers insurance? Looking at that web site, yes the boats are very nice but I am putting my value for money on Aqua narrow boat hire. The company I used all the time were a big disappointment the last time I hired from them (Not naming names) ANyway enough rambling.....

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