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Sunday, 25 January 2009


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floris visser

Voor een verslag van het verloop van de Wandering Snail kijk op

For a report over de Wandering Snail when she was sailing in de Netherlands and got a tow from the KNRM. Look on


Mooie boot, gespot in Sas van Gent op 2 juli 2009. Smal en lang en waarschijnlijk met de grootste zorg en veel liefde onderhouden. Foto zie onderstaande link.

Vriendelijke Groeten, Patrick

Mark Vantome


Welcome in Kortrijk Belgium
Beautiful boat



If you think the exterior looks good, wait until you see i the interior - it is fantastic, all oak linen fold panelling and even a harpsicord!!

anne 'n olly

Thanks for this. We've your blog as a favourite to follow what's happening back on't cut.
Tonight finished up-dating til we start again next year. Strange timings coming up on the blog site. No, I'm definitely NOT a lark, much more an owl but don't know how to change the clock. Oh well.

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